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As a result of three years of work I managed to create a methodology for removal of CASH through the LOCKS work with the Energy: monetary channels. Importantly, it was considered a common error in the Internet, ie when you just give the initiation into cash or spend the cash energosert channels without a particular algorithm, the set of measures the energy of nature: working with the karma of the family, including money; and the removal of fears in the mind, at the level of the physical body; in units of energy; chakras, etc. I propose to SOLVE MONEY PROBLEMS TOTALLY, scale, from A to z through the cleansing and filling with the energy of money energoresursov (and not only through the egregore of money!).
Typically, for deep solution and strong cleansing monetary problems of the client+ for the serious and long-term result of energiseyou should be not a little, ie not 1-2 pieces Approx 7-10 energoresursov (in the process might even be reasonable to add energostandart and dedication to a number of money transfer according to a special algorithm in a particular sequence+ HIGHLY DESIRABLE at least 1 times me on mob. yy to call in the middle of our work to a customer focussed their minds to a new RHYTHM of LIFE!!! in abundance.
application shall be accepted via PM or my mail BUT! for MAXIMUM RESULT I recommend to TRUTHFULLY describe the situation of MONEY where You are NOW because it's one thing when money is already a success and it is only necessary to increase the money the exhaust, to reach a new level etc. thing when you live on credit and still with a mortgage.
ENERGOSERT paid. to leave a review HERE for each energosert. The WORLD! LOVE! ABUNDANCE! FRIENDS!


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