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IMPORTANT-ATTENTION!!!!MY HISTORICAL SOLUTION to ZOROASTRIANISM-the GREAT Persian Empire, its territory is comparable to the size of modern day Russia. See The Temple? Get closer, there were a lot of people and among the crowd one person we are most interested in, he's all dressed in white,even his little beanie. After waiting patiently for their turn this "all in white" waits for the PRIEST of the FIRE TEMPLE, in the altar of which is brightly and velichestvenno not earthly, DIVINE the flames of the FIRE ascend to the sky, the GODS that day tasted Homo. The conversation was short, the Priest of ZOROASTRIANISM gave the go-ahead to conduct initiations in the mystery of the GODS, tomorrow, this white will have another MASTER of ZOROASTRIANISM. Asked his PRIEST or not ?- are you a REIKI Master? whether the child 50 -60 channels Kosmoenergetiki and the Master level of this system we have? NO AND couldn'T ask, because 1 thousand. years BC according to the chronology of the Nativity, and Zoro already 4.5 thousand years! (BC in the historical.books-approx.ed) and even after 2-3 thousand years of such requirements to the CANDIDATE for Initiation into ZORO is not intended FOR REIKI and then was not even KOSMOENERGETIKI (for people doubting, see books on Reiki and Cosmoenergy - E. Bagirov, to know their time of birth).
What does it mean? As always You DECEIVED, impudently and cynically, to bind to their schools and to give a powerful ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE only "a snack" with Master level and then, scaring YOU to the core paramparai-her Holiness of compliance, the need to undergo initiation only in PERSON, even in the form of GROUP initiation (I only give individual initiation, ie immediately work with just 1 person - it is better to dedicate and more comfortable! and GL-OE MORE EFFICIENTLY) and if so remotely, from the PICTURE - otherwise, they initiate just don't know how!
That is the reality of being, the hard TRUTH is without illusions...
It is on the basis of the foregoing, and FOR the BENEFIT of all living beings, so at least someone followed the FIRE of truth AND TRUTH I have received a BLESSING from MY HIGHER self and the ENTIRE PANTHEON of GODS EGREGOR ZOROASTRIANISM to conduct initiations for everyone in the Portal ZORO Kosmoenergetiki (n 1st shell Portal for Zoro to school there etc. song - connection Portals all through the POWER PLACE, including Zoroastrianism and the priestly!) without the conditions for obtaining the Master level in any ASOT.tradition a La Reiki, Cosmoenergy, etc, BUT! the right to refuse any Dedication as I did and do NOW, because of the disrespect to me or the Gods Zoro and etc. reasons, I leave behind me (I write everything in great detail to avoid ?-s and offense, if that....) Be blessed in centuries friends, Yes obryaschite light and You taste ETERNITY. LOVE! MICHAEL! OHM RA, AHURA-MAZDA!

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