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Hello, SLAVIC-ARYAN ETHNIC group - has SPOKEN MICHAEL RA! Many in the Internet met with the desecration of SPIRITUAL MAGES, dedicating in various SIS-we spiritual development. Very often the scheme of initiations looks like this: gave you the initiation, and then - bye bye! In the best case answer to 1;a maximum of 2 ?-and in practice, and that's all..(MICHAEL RA after the initiation in the 1st shell of the egregor of Zoroastrianism (the cosmic energy cm theme forum where most views) except the scanty of information on the channels Zoro did NOT RECEIVE adequate SUPPORT in practice of Zoroastrianism, and later was BANNED on the website, although I give myself dedicate an entire NOVEL of information is VERY DETAILED FOR EACH INITIATION in Zoroastrianism in particular. EXAMINING the SUBJECT of SPIRITUAL DEFILEMENT came to the conclusion that the reason for the negligent attitude to dedicate reduced to the following items: 1) a DESIRE , CONSCIOUS CHOICE of the MASTER, to HIDE from the OLD commit, with the aim to avoid further "competition" 2) Lust for money - the withholding of TRUTHFUL INFORMATION ABOUT a SPECIFIC DEDICATION, e.g., in the Portal of Zoroastrianism, WITH the SELFISH PURPOSE of not knowing the truth of the previous dedication of the user in the FUTURE GAINED the DEDICATION of wanting to be a GOOD MASTER of that tradition which is from the dedication. Having other priorities-the goal to initiate others - I created a self-sufficient SYSTEM of INITIATIONS: each degree of apprenticeship with Michael RA is FULLY COMPLETED; COMPLETE, on the client (the student) chooses and decides at what stage I have to COMPLETE his training and although it is fair to say that the STRENGTHENING of SPIRITUAL potencies and POWERS: MAGICAL AND SPIRITUAL IS IN TRAFFIC, INCREASING FROM the PORTAL TO the PORTAL, the SAINT AND ZOROASTRIANISM. 3) poor training (THEORETICAL AND PRACTICAL) the MAGICIAN - if you devote in large groups off-line, in the hurry and bustle then of COURSE efficiency (coefficient of performance) of ANY INITIATION will FALL - with the purpose not to be defiled, I ONLY GIVE INDIVIDUAL INITIATION in handy for me and the student time is a tn HOME on-line ordination where literally 5 fingers of the hand to explain all the subtleties and chips of a PARTICULAR INITIATION.
EPILOGUE: it turns out the output unpleasant thing: masters of MAHA SIDDHA GURU RISHI was dying his students what I thought was needed, and then FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION, PRACTICAL KNOWLEDGE was concealed from the SINCERE ESOTERIC ADEPTS (and not just because of pride or desire to be the coolest,BUT! because of the points I mentioned above), and then the ETHNIC groups and ICU-we of THEOLOGICAL SCHOOLS began to deteriorate and, ironically, those comrades that harbored TRUE AND SECRET KNOWLEDGE WORKERS were born again on Earth BUT! have themselves had less knowledge than in their previous incarnation for lack of MASTERS AND of KNOWLEDGE! HERE AND THINK is it PROFITABLE to conceal the KNOWLEDGE that he has and does in the future will not be able to use . FOR THIS REASON, USING COMMON SENSE I TELL MY CLIENTS EXACTLY THAT OLD, WHICH I USE MYSELF - WITHOUT CHEATING! With Love, MICHAEL RA

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