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At the time I decided to offer potential customers, that is, those who have paid the initiation of the egregor Zoroastrianism is DEDICATION TO EGREGOR ZOROASTRIANISM to give the whole volume of information, that is, not to crop the portal Zoro to 9-10 frequency, as is done normally in the other schools of magic, usually in schools of Ken-Prim ed. Format of the research activities of Michael over time has grown so much that the first users (those who had the karma to slip) I have started to get more and a frequency ORMUZD - hard work on the part of the spiritual goals! here, calling on God to help display the information went on my forum dedication of the priests of Hyperborea at the master class Zoro become stronger than any mage and dedication legends also has no analogues online dedication to the EGREGOR of ZOROASTRIANISM and as additional bonus to it - homage to Zarathushtra (then years ago there was no magic of Zoroaster, as a separate unit of initiations) 2. gradually the place began to force Zoro to run (as I predicted much of this process took off in 2013 exactly on 21st March and to 21.12.2013 process had actually been completed , but the basis here was the ARCH - work only then were still only vertical flow along the perimeter of the operator of the master Zoro for it signified the initiation is given by me is still based on the initiation of Reiki-Zoroastrianism already vertical-horizontal flows rasshirennoe volume. Of course, not everyone was given such power of fire to digest - because it was, and rolling users even lower level after receiving the POWER of the FIRE in the MASTER CLASS BECOME more powerful than ANY MAGICIAN a La ate grace, BUT! on the back of strong exhaust after this initiation MASTER-CLASS ON ZOROASTRIANISM "BECOME more powerful than ANY MAGICIAN of the fulfillment of desires of lust to wishlist grew before the commit and not everyone withstood the temptation of POWER (even black magicians, that the dedication that I paid for). Oh, it all began in the magic of Zoroastrianism (of course a bit sad that after completing my teaching of these initiations the magic of the Zoroastrianism tradition of a FULL COURSE of PRACTICAL MAGIC of ZOROASTRIANISM, and it is not 1 the portal of 11-13 channels - it is possible to see that on my forum, is interrupted, and this tradition, that no successor to the line, a STUDENT who'd passed my initiation into all the portals - but then apparently so above and conceived to give doctot the SECRET KNOWLEDGE MOST distinguished PERSONALITIES.

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