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Hutta. Channel 7-second space race. Used in the treatment of all diseases, when recovery is delayed.
The channel open after the main session, or independently. Before the opening of the channel, Gutta all other channels must be closed. Cosmoenerget places his hands on the patient's chest between the 4th and 5th energy centers and mentally pronounce the name of the channel. Depending on the experience and preparedness of the energy healer is the channel opens at the patient for a time from several seconds to several minutes. The channel creates a vibration in the form of small gold worms around the aura of the patient.
The channel has a powerful vibration characteristics, in this regard, some patients may appear the side effects dizziness, nausea, weakness, insomnia, etc Jutta can Express themselves and the energy level, the person becomes balanced, aggressive, can yell at someone. This suggests that the frequency works well.
Jutta gives a strong dispersion of attention. It is necessary to warn the patient that he was careful when driving or just when crossing the road.
The healing effect of the channel can last up to 12 days. Therefore, you should warn the patient about possible negative feelings. The channel closes itself after the execution of a particular function.
The channel is not often, as management and control, he is not subject.
In some cases, the channel does not explicitly health outcomes. This may mean that he went to work for the purification of the karma of the patient; a deep energetic cleansing and removing negative generic programs; treatment hidden severe disease about which the patient does not know.
The channel generates the stability in business and General development through higher spiritual qualities of man, and its full self-realization.
The channel can change the fate, leading a person to the heights of happiness and prosperity, but again, through the increase of spiritual qualities and self-realization.
Jutta, works well for protection from enemies. Solve the protracted conflicts in favor of the person to whom it was opened. Moreover, the conflicts resolves gently, I would even say, beautiful.


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